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French Studies


Studying French Is To Learn the Voice of the World. 

  • French is the most widely spoken language on Earth.
  • French is spoken in over 43 countries on 5 continents.  This includes most of Africa,  the Middle East, Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, and Southeast Asia.
  • French is an official language of the United Nations and the Olympic Games.
  • French is a Romance language, derived from Latin.
  • French was the primary language spoken by English royalty for several generations  in the medieval and renaissance eras so both languages share commonality.
  • Canada, Kentucky’s largest international trade partner, has 7 million native French speakers!

You can get RETROCREDIT! 

If you have taken French in High School or have previous experience with the language, you can save time and money by starting at a higher level than FRE 101.

Students with enough High School French to start their EKU studies at a higher level can earn extra FRE credit hours for free!   Contact us at Dept. Languages, Cultures, and Humanities, McCreary Hall, Tower A, Room 115, 859-622-2996,

Sign Up to Earn your EKU French Studies Certificate of Conversation and Culture!!

 · Certificate Requirements: 15 hours @ 200 level & above.


· FRE 101 Conversational French I  (3 credit hours)

· FRE 102 Conversational French II  (3 credit hours)

  Core Courses:

· FRE 201 Intermediate Conversational French I  (3 credit hrs)

· FRE 202 Intermediate Conversational French II  (3 credit hrs)

· FRE 207 Performing in French: Four Skills (3 credit hrs)

· Six credit hours of upper division FRE courses (300 and above):

 · A grade of “C” or higher in all courses is required to count towards the certificate.

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